Home care is often the first choice when people decide they need assistance to continue leading an independent life at home. Many people decide to use home care as an alternative to moving into assisted living,  warden-controlled property or a full time care home.

Kind Hearted Care are based in Hazel Grove, Stockport and offer care at home within Stockport and Cheshire East.

We have been operating since 2016 and completed over 176,000 scheduled appointments with a team of around 16 care staff in 2020.  With adverse weather and the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have never missed one appointment, which is a credit to our committed and excellent team.

Having a Chat

We find the best way to approach care is to have a chat, we have experience of a wide range of client circumstances, some just like a visit once a week to go shopping and others are suffering from dementia and need several visits per day. Nothing is new to us, we work very closely with relatives to ensure we are providing the appropriate care for all of our clients.

So, first step is a chat.  Who are we talking to? What are the circumstances? When can we come and meet to discuss how we can help? We always want to meet clients in their own homes to find out about them, how we can help them and what kind of support they are looking for and need.


At this initial meeting will be either Gill and Gill our two owners, or Gill with a Senior Team member. This is an informal assessment, we don't ask people to sign contracts or take any payment. We are fact finding to establish if/how Kind Hearted Care can help and introduce ourselves to clients to make sure they understand what it is we do and who we are. We'll obviously also discuss costs, schedules and availability.

After this initial meeting, if the care is going to proceed, we'll put together a list of information we need to ensure we comply with the CQC requirements - which also ensures we can provide safe, effective care. We will also confirm the care package that we will deliver (days, times, durations and tasks to be completed), how much it will cost and when we will start. We'll also provide a copy of our terms and conditions.

If everyone is in agreement, we will then start to introduce a core care team to our new client, a care staff member will never go in blind, they will always be introduced by an owner or one of the senior care team.